Janklo is a paradoxal artist. He compliments and criticizes at the same time.

His ribbons say that a brand, without product, without package, is a gift; it symbolizes excellence and can promote a certain social recognition.

At the same time, Janklo denounces the consumer society where form takes precedence over substance.

Often a good box, a nice packaging, a beautiful brand is enough for people to buy, expensive, without much knowledge of the content.

So provocative, Janklo says, "I pack and sell emptiness." The vacuity boxes were born.

But emptiness is not meaningless, it is space with its unknown material ... And it is air, it is life ... then with its "vacuity" Janklo does more than denouncing, he shapes a tribute and creates flasks of life.

The charm operates. When we see them we are immediately fascinated by "the ribbons in levitation". How do they hold themselves? Let to the magicians their secrets ...

And always the eternal question : art or "decor"? Warhol decorates ... So, to each of us his way to think, his way of consuming and loving.

We always want to get a pack, take it in his hands, and then pull the ribbon with two fingers.

The ribbons of Janklo, they are the enjoyment of the timeless that we do not forget.

“Death, where is your victory? ". There she is defeated.

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