Éric Liot

Painter, sculptor, collagist, assembler, Eric Liot is a real Swiss army knife that draws in every discipline.

Half paintings, half sculptures, his works are low-reliefs 2.0 generation. Made up of assemblages of wooden strata and found objects - Lego pieces, cogs, capsules ... - his works naturally express a playful spirit. Eric Liot transports us and awakes our child's soul.

Eric Liot, image collector, compiles cartoon elements and borrows from the publicity of his muses. The figures of the consumer society are placed in the plan as those of cartoons, cinema and video games. The artist weaves a galaxy of new worlds where he is famous. Bibendum of Michelin is friend with Super Man or Asterix. Are these logos industrial in our minds and our new heroes? Eric Liot goes further than that and makes other hybrid creatures, half heroes - half logo. To create from all sides the wife of the Green Giant.

Each work is a world in itself and tells a story where the characters of various horizons hang out, in improbables spaces and temporalities. These fictional worlds are not that much. Metaphors of our time, as is the Stalin the Clown?

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