Cédrix Crespel

On a canvas, silent, they have a crazy charisma. The women of Cédrix Crespel dominate. The canvas, the men, maybe the world?

Attractive and intimidating at the same time with this warrior paraphernalia. Stilettos, latex suit, garter belt, as many weapons they unsheathe with plumb. Who are these beautiful sinners? Hidden from a mask, shots of ¾, we do not really know. But after all, the game is all the more fun.

These women are intriguing, goddesses of all fantasies. With these cords that spring from their bodies and their hair, a little mystical way...

Cédrix Crespel crushes vulgarity by pop colors, which blow a little sweetness and calm the ardor of these women. As transformed into colored candies, tart, sweet and addictive. Do not abuse. And finally, we wonder, mistresses or docile? Independent women or women-objects? Cédrix Crespel lets us decide.

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