Marco Binisti

When he was 20 years old, Marco Binisti was a free lance photograph for a sports magazine tiring him. He opened his own studio in Paris and worked for advertising agencies which permits him to make a living.

In 1988, he photographed fortuitously a woman’s body and a white thread which he liked. Nevertheless, he continued to honour his orders that weary him. He progressively stopped advertising photography to focus on the theme of “Cors et liens”, meaning bodies and links which he dedicates to the woman he embellishes. He exposes in Paris, Bruxelles, Marseille.

Within the theme of emotional connection which seems to only be an ombilical cord at first sight, this connection which embraces, retain and dynamise us through our life, it is found that it is the axis of his romantic relationships. To detach ourselves to attach us to something new in a different way.

©Marco Binisti

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