Ivan Messac

"Ivan Messac is a painter and a French sculptor born in Caen in March 1948. Younger than all the artists of the "Narrative Figuration", Ivan Messac is nevertheless associated with this movement and exhibits in 1977 at “Mythologies Quotidiennes” in the modern art museum in Paris. Ivan Messac participates in many artistic events such as La Biennale de Paris or Sigma de Bordeaux …

His works include inspirations from Pop Art, Italian Futurism, Mayakovsky, but also Jimi Hendrix and Hollywood icons. After this transition to painting, sculpture becomes its support and privileged means of work and research. Working in Carrara, he digs his personal path. His first sculptures were made in 1983. He is then the subject of an article by Alain Monvoisin in the Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Sculpture published in November 2008. The public commission offers him the opportunity to develop this artistic production. However, in the 2000s, Ivan Messac returned to painting with, as in his early works, a critical vision of his time period."


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