Antonio Seguí

Antonio Seguí, from Cordoba to Paris, a painter who is looking for is place.

Among the great names of figuration is Antonio Seguí, an Argentinean artist who addresses various themes. From the human condition to the universe of the city, passing through the existential questions, the work of Seguí tells, intrigues. It is to be discovered in the Petitjean art gallery in Lyon, where free figuration lives and is renewed.

Discover Antonio Seguí’s piece

L’artiste peintreThe artiste painter Segui seduce with his own style. Born in Cordoba in January 1934, he began studying painting when he arrived in Paris in 1951. An artistique passion that he lives intensely… And that still today has earned him a deserved success.His art took him to several European countries and then to Argentina, where he exhibited for the first time in 1957. Seguí also touched on the world of engraving. He learned the techniques in Mexico until 1961.

With his authentic works decidedly marked by figuration, often expressionist, Antonio Segui is an unavoidable name in Art world. Galerists, art enthusiasts or simply curious will find in Segui’s paintings a large diversity of humorous scenes.
The artist excels in the art of painting as well as in the art of engraving and drawing. A unique art to discover and explore.

What does Antonio Segui’s work say ?

Segui’s workimprinted by irony, humour and theatrical scenes, is influenced by Otto Dix or Goerge Grosz. His authentic, as well as enigmatic, paintings tell the political upheaval of his country, but also of his hometown.
Banal, sometimes absurd scenes, that hold irony. And that question life, existence, but also death.

Segui is known and recognized for his satirical works that touch politics and existential issues. He also like to describe his childhood and adult memories, and show scenes from his hometown, Cordoba. Memories that he is not about to relinquish… «  I always come back to it in my dream », he says about the street scenes, that he keeps from his childhood.
Antonio Segui also tells his country. Landscapes taken here and there, the pampa, n but also the dictatorship, even indirectly, are described. This has, however, led to a ban on his stay in his native land…

The painter tells of a man in search of his place in this world, mister Gustave, who is found in several paintings. This character travels the world, the streets and questions his own existence, with humor and irony. Recognizable by his suits and his hat, would Señor Gustavo be a autobiography of Segui ? Segui’s paintings are marked by colors ans comics graphics.

Indeed, the argentinian painter, child of Cordoba, produced a series of drawn works as well as engravings. To this honor, a retrospective of these works was produced in 2005…

His collection is to be discovered in the Petitjean Gallery

Antonio Segui is a master figurative art. Her collection naturally finds its place within the Petitjean gallery in Lyon. In authentic style, the paintings on display takes the visitor on a trip to Argentina, questions about human existence, politics.

Discover enigmatic works, which often describe the reality of horror in a humorous or ironic way !

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