Robert Combas

Artist born in Lyon (1957), trained at the Beaux-Arts in Montpellier and living between Sète and Paris, Robert Combas shines through his art freed from all constraints, Free Figuration !

Free! Combas is free in the themes addressed through the many subjects he explores. Between love and war, lightness and violence, each of his works tells a special story. His references are as heterogeneous as his productions, tapping on the Bible, mythology, History and its vestiges. And the music obviously! "My painting is rock" he claims.

Free! The artist is in the tone too. Funny resolution, his painting screams joy, love, cheerfulness and pleasure. The dramas are also considered with humor because it is better to treat human stupidity with derision. And sometimes, humor couples, or leaves place, to a more carnal and saucy look. Sensual dreams that the artist shares without bashfulness.

Free is this black circle that gives shape to a strange bestiary, a tangle of figures, symbols and details by thousands. And these are his colors, explosive, stripping, that emancipate from all rigor?

Free is his inexhaustible energy. Combas grabs his pliers whenever he wants, his mood, his desires, his life. A work that has evolved permanently with his history, over the years.

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