Gérard Schlosser


Narrative Figuration. He surely tells stories! He narrates them in painting. And partly, little by little (breast, often). Responsibility to the the viewer to decode the scene, with snatches of images - a hand, a leg, a breast ... a shoulder. And in the titles, extracts of dialogues are sprinkled like clues. "It has always been," he says. What ? His pretty face? Although, relying on the image, it is certainly something else…

Like a filmmaker, Gérard Schlosser writes a storyboard. No surprise when Alain Jouffroy speaks of "motionless cinema" to describe his work. His paintings are like moments suspended in time. And they immortalize a moment of everyday life. Dolce vita. Or carpe diem ... Beautiful women who are lounging, half-naked, lying on the grass. We would like to join them in these peaceful landscapes. Quickly, before the seductive anonymous person turns around and hides that piece of breast that can not be seen.

Then, in 2012, Gérard Schlosser became more rogue. Or say, voyeur. He puts aside the usual square formats that he replaces with keyholes. Oh, the rascal! Here he embarks us, willy-nilly, in this case of voyeurism. What an imposture. Between embarrassment and curiosity, we are caught watching, without their knowledge, these pretty women in their intimacy.

So let's enjoy it, and open that door to see what's happening on the other side. Gérard Schlosser tells stories so well.

Born in 1931, Gérard Schlosser is a goldsmith by training and turned to painting in the 1950s.

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