Christophe Streichenberger

The painting of Christophe Streichenberger combines two aesthetic approaches that could be assumed to be irreconcilable: one, conceptual, appropriates some of the codes of Pop Art, advertising or fashion photography - geometric figures, sidereal emptiness, cold colors - the other, expressive, organic, proceeds from a current of which Bacon, among others, constitutes an accomplishment.

On the web, the confrontation between these two antagonistic approaches is generally violent, sometimes erudite and peaceful, always random. Hidden by a mineral web, a cold fishnet, is the presence of a corrupting disorder, a mutant pain, proliferating. This second plan perverting the first, dissolving it as an acid, is a human form, I am sure it is a human form ...

But we will not get away with it so well. In the space of the canvas, there is neither winner nor vanquished, the confrontation does not cease, and the painter does not fall the mask. So what is it? The question, said the poet, closes on itself like the hand on the stab. What the painting of Christopher Streichenberger gives to see, let's face it.

Yves Ranson

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